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Discover all things that make me tick as a dietitian, what working with me looks like and a peek into my favourite foods.

I realized there was a lack of dietitians who specialized in non-dialysis kidney disease.

I’ve been a dietitian since 2009. I landed a job as a dietitian at a dialysis center in 2014 and I’ve been in the renal world ever since. When I began working with those on dialysis, I quickly realized how under-utilized medical nutrition therapy is in the earlier stages of chronic kidney disease. Many of my patients had never met with a dietitian prior to ending up on dialysis! This was shocking to me as I knew proper nutrition could help stop the progression of kidney disease and potentially help people avoid ever ending up on dialysis.

I realized that there was a lack of dietitians who specialize in non-dialysis kidney disease. I decided to take action by starting my own private practice. With expanded telehealth, I was able to extend my reach to those all over the United States. My goal is to spread the word that nutrition is a powerful and effective way to prevent and manage kidney disease and it can be attainable no matter what your lifestyle.

My Approach

Plant-focused nutrition therapy is evidenced-based for prevention and management of chronic kidney disease. I help others implement a step-wise approach to ease into a plant-focused eating pattern.

Food is Medicine I believe food is medicine and using a food first approach toward disease management.

Knowledge is Power I believe knowledge is power - understanding how nutrients impact your kidney function can empower others to make better choices.

Nutrition Change is a Marathon, Not a Sprint I believe nutrition change is a marathon- not a sprint. By making small, sustainable changes in your eating pattern, you will be able to make habits that stick.

Why I Do What I Do

I believe nutrition is often the missing puzzle piece to the treatment plan for chronic kidney disease. It is underutilized in the healthcare system despite it being cost-effective, well tolerated and evidenced-based for the management of chronic kidney disease. I want to be a resource for those who want to be proactive about their health and take some control back from their disease.
Why I’m qualified to be your kidney nutrition dietitian




How working with me can help you

1. Understand how nutrition can impact your kidneys.

2. Understand what foods are good for kidneys and overall health.

3. Understand how to manage sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein based on your stage of CKD.

4. Understand how to safely incorporate your favorite foods in your eating pattern.

5. Understand how to navigate the grocery store, eating out and holidays while maintaining kidney health.

6. Reduce food fear.

7. Reduce stress about figuring out what to eat.

8. Improve emotional well-being knowing how powerful nutrition can be for maintaining kidney health.

9. Improve energy, gastrointestinal health and other health conditions using plant-focused nutrition.

10. Improve your quality of life - spend less time worrying about your health and more time enjoying what you love!